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Why Choose Brokers

The difference between a Broker and an Agent is that an agent is the “middle man” between the customer and the insurance company. Typically, an agent represents one single insurance company. The agent’s main job is to process the paperwork relating to insurance policies and they often end their relationship with the customer once the transaction is complete. An agent is only able to offer products and services from one single insurance company, limiting the amount of products and services a customer can choose from.

A Broker is an individual that represents the customer, not the company. Brokers can be best described as “super-agents”, since they offer a host of products for their customers to choose from. Brokers are required to have a Broker’s License which typically means that a Broker is more knowledgeable, educated and has years of experience in the insurance field than an agent. Brokers establish and maintain long-term relationships with their customers by constantly analyzing their policies to make sure their clients have the best possible rates.

Dealing with an agent leads customers to call into large call centers where employees have little or no real insurance knowledge. Brokers are far more efficient because they make recommendations customers will find highly useful. Thus, saving them time and lots of money. Contact Us at Global to learn more.