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Code of Conduct

As An Affiliate and Publisher of Content and Links on behalf of Merchants offering their Product and Services on the Internet


The proprietor of this site – Global Network Insurance Broker LLC - is an affiliate of Advertisers within several networks.  From this site we generate web traffic and potential sales for affiliated Advertisers within the same network. For this service we are paid commissions or receive other financial benefits for making these referrals.

General Principles

Global Network Insurance Broker LLC follows the following operating principles when it employs data feeds, text, image and other commonly supplied means of promoting an affiliated Merchant's offering.  It does so to generate click-through from referral links to sites operated by its affiliated Merchants.

Specific Principles

a)      Referrals. Our software download technology provider accurately refers an end-user to the Web site of an online advertiser, and only when the end-user knowingly and explicitly consents to that behavior by affirming their consent.

b)      Redirection. We notify an end-user of redirections by a software download technology to a participating advertiser site. We disclose to participating advertisers the URLs and/or keywords which trigger auto notification and/or redirection and receive consent for such activities.

c)      Software.  We implement software applications that:

i)       give easily understood notifications to the average end-user

ii)      use settings for automatic notification and redirection that explicitly require end-user opt-in

iii)     Instruct users how to uninstall/deactivate the app

iv)     are not objectionable to our affiliated Advertisers.

d)      Events Not Precipitated by an End-User. We do not use methods to generate non end-user initiated impressions, clicks, or transactions. Click events are initiated by an affirmative end-user action. Consent to software installation requires acceptance of an end-user License Agreement. The user is informed that the software will perform click events on the end-user's behalf for the benefit of both the end-user and the publisher who owns the software. This is how we ensure an affirmative end-user action is obtained legally and ethically.

e)      Other Web Sites. We only use service provider technology that does not alter, change, substitute or modify the content of another Publisher's or Advertiser’s Web site.

f)       Installing/De-Installing Software. We try to select only service provider technology where the installation and de-installation is obvious, simple and complete. Licensing and terms of all software downloads and applications of any type are required by our network service providers, to be fully disclosed, clearly presented, and to be accepted by the end-user. Our service providers’ technology is clearly marked so the end-user can identify the publisher's software with an associated behavior on their computer. We strive to give visible notification of this occurring and when noticed advise our network service providers to address any oversights.

g)      Updating, Repairing and Improving Software. Where we promote an advertiser's product using any form of software, we inform affiliate networks through a detailed explanation of all modifications which alter or change the way we use service provider technology prior to releasing any new or updated version of the software to the public. End-users are informed before and are protected by affirming they wish updates to be performed on previously installed, and consented to, software applications.

h)      Intellectual Property. In the course of marketing as an affiliate of Merchants, only where the rights-holder specifically permits us, we may use advertiser trademarks, logos, brand terms, slogans, URLs, registered marks, etc.  In the same vein we respect all property of others with whom we do business, or compete, and this specifically includes their Intellectual Property.

i)       Incentives to Users. In every instance that we may offer any reward or incentive to end-users at our site,  we make full disclosure of the nature of the promotional methods.  This includes, among other legal and ethical methods:

i)       methods used to attract end-users to join our program

ii)      methods used to promote Advertisers to end-users at our site

iii)     we explain methods for directing end-users from our property to an advertiser’s site

j)       Tracking Technologies. Advertisers give us links and tracking codes specific to us within their affiliate network. We do not modify those links.  If allowed by the terms under which we and the advertiser belong to a common affiliate network, any modifications are transparent and disclosed to the Advertiser.

k)      E-mail Marketing. We may promote advertisers via e-mail to our own client list.  We adhere to all applicable legislation and regulations governing e-mail marketing in the jurisdictions targeted in our email campaign.  All E-mails:

i)       contain accurate sender information and subject lines

ii)      include at least one functioning Internet-based mechanism for opting-out of email solicitations

iii)     are promptly removed when end-users opt-out whether required by law or their stated desire

iv)     include our postal address

v)      do not include false or misleading claims

vi)     and comply with Federal Anti-spam and Privacy Rights legislation.

l)        Promotion of affiliated Advertisers.   As a policy we promote advertisers on Web properties that we own and operate. We are generally entitled to promote our site through paid search but do not compete with our affiliated Advertisers under rules we accept, particularly regarding the keywords involved.    Only where we are specifically granted permission by an Advertiser and by the Third-party web property operator, we may place links and tracking code, or promote Web sites that contain affiliate links and tracking code, in or on that third-party web property. This would include sites such as blogs, forums, lists, directories, etc.

m)    Transparency and Disclosure.  We disclose the business model(s) and legitimate promotional methods we use to feed web traffic to sites of affiliated Advertisers. This disclosure would include our membership of any sub-affiliate networks. As a super affiliate, this disclosure reveals the policies and procedures for sub affiliate acceptance.  Included too are details of how we monitor those relationships to ensure compliance with both our, and the Affiliate Network’s, Code of Conduct.